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1 Charkhi Dadri Tehsil
2 Demographics
3 Education
4 1996 Mid-Air collision
5 Cement Plant- Cement Corporation of India
6 Villages in Charkhi Dadri Tehsil

Charkhi Dadri Tehsil :
Charkhi Dadri is a tehsil with 184 villages and is the largest tehsil in Haryana now. It is located in southeren haryana and is 100 km from the national capital Delhi. Folklores have it that, Dadri was a lake called Dadar from which it gets it's present  name. According to another anecdote, the place had a lake which was full of dadur - frog in Sanskrit- from which it derived its current name. It is said that one day Dada Bilhan Singh, descendant of Prithviraj Chauhan, came to this area and saw a cow  and lion drinking water side by side and intrigued by this, he went to a nearby cottage where a Mahatma named Swami Dayal lived. Bilhan Singh asked for Mahatma's blessings and advice. Mahatma advised him to Make this place his home and blessed that his  family will rule this place in future. Charkhi Dadri (was called dadri earlier before the village Charkhi was merged with it) was also a district (pargana) and a state (riyasat) in the past. Charkhi Dadri is the main market place for all the nearby villages  for all their needs and has its own food and grain markets and one FCI godown. People of many gotralive in Charkhi Dadri, major ones being Phogat, Sheoran,JatRana,Sangwan. Despite being just a Tehsil Charkhi Dadri has given many seasoned politicians and  statesman to the state. Master Hukum Singh -Ex Chief Minister, Chandravati,Ramesh Joshi, Late Ram kishan Gupta- Ex MP and educationalist are a few prominent names which made their mark on national map of politics and social works.
Demographics :
As of the 2001 India census,[1] Charkhi Dadri had a population of 44,892. Males constitute 54% of the population and females 46%. Charkhi Dadri has an average literacy rate of 70%, higher than the national average of 59.5%, with male literacy of 76% and  female literacy of 62%. 13% of the population is under 6 years of age. The progress made by the town in th efield of education is mainly due to efforts of Late Shri Ram Kishan Gupta (was also an ex-MP), who founded 'the Dadri Education Society'. Under  the ambit of this trust fall 3 schools & 7 colleges.[citation needed] The major part of the ethnographic spectrum of the population is constituted by Jat people who have come from various neighbouring villages as well as many of them are descendants of  the Rajput founders of the city. Another major chuk is descendant of Maratha warriors who after the defeat of Panipat battle, decided to settle in the nearby places. Another major community belongs to Bania (caste) and Brahmin who lives majorly in the  concetrated pockets of old city called Chotti Bazari and places around Anaj mandi. Nevertheless, the city is a perfect melange with people from other diverse castes and communities as well. There are some locally famous places in the city which include  Shyamesar Johar (pond) and Dayal Temple to name a few.
Education :
Charkhi Dadri is an education centre for surrounding villages. Famous schools are- Dhansi Ram Kadmawala Adarsh Vidya Mandir (DRK AVM) - Leading co-ed school of the city, JDKDES- prominent schools for girls, Apeejay School- founded and run by Apeejay Group,  Vaish Senior Secondary School - another leading co-ed school managed and run by Vaish Education Society, has another sister institute for girls also in the same premise, Government Senior Secondary School, Government School for Girls, RED School- Charkhi  Dadri branch of the RED Cuchakwas, Jhajjar.
Among colleges the prominent institutes for higher education are- JVMGRR - One of the oldest educational institutes, caters for the higher educational needs of the students from city as well as students from nearby villages too, Murarilal Rasiwasia Ayurvedic  College - BAMS college, Kaidarnath Aggarwal Institute of Management (KAIM)- MBA college, IIHT Computer institute Jhajjar Ghati Jawahar Vats, JVMGRR Institute of Computer Application MCA-One of the leading institutes for providing technical education Affiliated  to AICTE and Maharishi Dayanand University Rohtak, Apeejay saraswati College for Girls, B. Ed Colleges- there are many of them now, the oldest being on Ram Kishan Gupta Marg- run and managed by Dadri Education Society.India's most successful centre for  English speaking AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE is also educating & guiding students(since 1991) by PURU SIR(a great personality] . G-NEXT MULTIMEDIA INSTITUTE at fawara chowk is educating people in computer with various courses.
1996 mid-air collision :
Charkhi Dadri came in news for the 1996 Charkhi Dadri mid-air collision, which occurred on 12 November 1996, when Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight 763 (SVA 763), a Boeing 747-168B en route from New Delhi, India, to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, collided in mid-air  with Kazakhstan Airlines Flight 1907 (KZK 1907), an Ilyushin Il-76 en route from Shymkent, Kazakhstan to New Delhi, over the village of Charkhi Dadri, Haryana, India. All 349 people on board both flights were killed, making it the deadliest mid-air collision  in history,as well the deadliest air crash in India[2], as well as the third-deadliest air crash of all time[3].
Cement Plant- Cement Corporation of India :
Cement Corporation of India (CCI) established one of its cement plants in Haryana. The plant was commissioned in 1982 with an installed capacity of 174,000 tonnes per annum. The process used in the plant was a semi-dry one and the plant is sprawled across  198 acres (0.80 km2). The plant functioned for almost 15 years before production was stopped in 1996 due to various issues and the plant remains closed till date.
Villages in Dadri Tehsil :
List of Villages in Charkhi Dadri Tehsil : Abidpura, Achina, Akhtiar Pura, Asawari, Atela Kalan, Atela Khurd, Badal, Badhra, Badhwana, Badrai, Balali, Balkra, Balrod, Barsana, Bas Mutsil Ranila, Beejna, Berla, Bhagesri, Bhagvi, Bhandwa, Bhariwass, Bhervi,  Bhopali, Bigowa, Bilawal, Bindraban, Birhi Kalan, Birhi Khurd, Bond Kalan, Bond Khurd, Chandeni, Chandwas, Changrod, Charkhi Dadri (MC), Charkhi, Chhapar, Chirya, Dadhi Bana, Dadhi Chhilar, Dadri, Dagroli, Dalawas, Dandma, Datoli, Dhanasri, Dhani, Dohka  Dina, Dohka Harya, Dohka Moji, Dohki, Dudhwa, Dudiwala Kishanpura, Dudiwala Nandkaran, Duwarka, Fatehgarh, Ghasola, Ghikara, Gokal, Gopalwas, Gopi, Gothra, Govindpura, Gudana, Hansawas Kalan, Hansawas Khurd, Hindol, Huee, Imlota, Jagrambass, Jaitsri,  Jawa, Jeetpura, Jewali, Jhinjar, Jhojhu Kalan, Jhojhu Khurd, Kadma, Kakroli Hatti, Kakroli Hukmi, Kakroli Sardara, Kalali, Kalyana, Kamod, Kanehti, Kanhra, Kapuri, Kari Adu, Kari Dass, Kari Dharni, Kari Modh, Kari Rupa, Kari Tokha, Kasni, Khatiwas, Kheri  Battar, Kheri Bura, Kheri Sanwal, Khorra, Kidara, Kiskanda, Kohlawas, Kubja Nagar, Lad, Ladawas, Lamba, Loharwara, Mahra, Mai Kalan, Mai Khurd, Makrana, Makrani, Malkosh, Mandhi Piranu, Mandi Haria, Mandi Kehar, Mandola, Mandoli, Mankawas, Mehrana, Mirch,  Missri, Mori, Morwala, Nandha, Narsingwas, Naurangabad Jattan, Naurangabad Rajputan, Neemli, Neemri, Nimar, Noswa, Pachganwa, Palri, Pandwan, Pantawas Khurd, Patuwas, Pentawas Kalan, Phogat, Pichopa Kalan, Pichopa Khurd, Ramalwas, Rambass, Rampura, Ranila,  Rankoli, Rasiwas, Rawaldhi, Rehroda Kalan, Rehroda Khurd, Rehrodhi, Rudrol, Sahuwas, Samaspur, Sanjerwas, Sankror, Santhoshpura, Santor, Sanwer, Saarangpur, Sarupgarh, Sham Kalyan, Shiswala, Sonf, Surajgarh, Tikan Kalan, Tiwala, Todi, Umerwas, Une Mutsilbond  Kalan, Unnear Badhwana.

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